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Why Assessing Your Body Before a Workout is Crucial

fms functional movement screen Dec 27, 2019
Why Assessing Your Body Before a Workout is Crucial
Written by Coach Vanesa Suazo
You’ve probably heard the saying “Work on your strengths, not you weaknesses.” And that can be very helpful in your career and when working in projects that you excel at.
However, that saying does not ring true for the muscles in our bodies.
If we only keep strengthening muscles that are already strong and disregard our weak muscles and bad movement patterns, we would put ourselves in a really bad position.

The way our bodies were designed to move is incredible and the way our bones connect to form joints and our muscles work together to move our joints in unique and specific ways is fascinating.


 The daily movement activities that we participate in and take for granted are carried out through specific movement patterns that involve multiple muscles working to move multiple joints at the same time or in succession.


 It really is beautiful how our bodies are meant to move so freely and gracefully, but due to lack of movement, bad movement, injuries, diseases, or just staying in unnatural positions for too long our bodies can be thrown out of whack.  Because two or more muscles work together to move a specific joint and multiple joints are involved in our movement patterns, there needs to be a balance between our muscles so that we can move optimally.


The muscles that help extend our hip should be about as equally strong as the muscles that flex our hip. If the muscles that move the hip are not in balance then the hip won’t move like it’s supposed to, then this can cause the knees and ankles to not move like they’re supposed to.  


When our joints don’t move like they’re supposed to, our muscles don’t fire like they’re supposed to. It’s crazy, but our muscles actually have an optimal length to fire through their full potential. This means that muscles can’t reach their optimal length and fire fully, or in other terms “turn on” completely” if the joints they move can’t reach their full range of motion.


You can have two people doing the same exact exercise, one with perfect form and balanced muscles, the other person with imbalanced muscles and can’t get into perfect form. The person with good form and balanced muscles will be building more strength, burning more calories and developing more muscle mass. The person with imbalanced muscles runs the risk of getting injured and quitting because he/she got injured or isn’t seeing results.


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