Chino Spartan Race: Gear Checklist

Gear Checklist For Chino Spartan Racers

By, Haydee Graves


Why we love Chino

Chino is the first SoCal race of the year and the terrain is FLAT (for the most part). It’s typically a beautiful day which means a pleasant experience at the beer garden post race to hang out and connect with the Spartan Community. It’s also a double race weekend (Super & Sprint) and is a great way to earn your trifecta real quick.


What is a “Trifecta?!”

Most people want to complete their “Trifecta” which means that you have completed all three races (Sprint, Super, and Beast) in one calendar year; not necessarily in that order. 

Below you will find a Gear Checklist to help you prepare for your race. We’ve also included a link to our Amazon Store where you can find ALL of these items and the brands we recommend straight from Amazon. Click the “Spartan Gear Checklist.”


Gear Checklist

*projected weather conditions for 01/25: low of 45 degrees and a high of 72 degrees. PERFECTO.


  • Dri-fit shirt - preferably Fitness on Fire Competition Shirt ;)
  • Bandana or running buff - the past 2 years have been windy AF. It’s not projected to be windy this year but better safe than sorry!
  • Compression sleeves or long sleeves for your arms - great for barbed wire crawls!
  • Long pants or long socks - you will be crawling, climbing, etc.
  • Gloves - my rule of thumb: if you train obstacles with gloves currently, wear gloves during the race. If you don’t train with gloves, don’t wear gloves during the race.
  • Hydration pack - Recommended for the Super, your call for the sprint. There will be water stations probably every half mile  - mile. If you’re racing competitively, you’re probably good without one but it’s your call. 
  • Trail shoes. If you plan on running multiple trail races or training on the trails, this is a great investment.
  • Liquid Chalk - Some like to carry this with them to help with any grip intensive obstacles. Dirt works too.
  • Mustard packets - helps with any cramping!
  • Gu or Energy cubes to consume throughout the race...maybe for the super but again, your call.
  • Extra change of clothes and sandals! You will get muddy and wet!
  • Towel and trash bag for your dirty clothes
  • If you’ve been stocking up on “free beer tickets” don’t forget them!


If you would like a printable version of this, here is the link: Spartan checklist


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