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Fitness on Fire: Member Spotlight

coaching community fitness gyms personal trainer self development Dec 15, 2020

Meet Suzie Payne

By, Kate Durham


Suzie is one of our fantastic members here at FOF.  She is a three-time survivor of cancer, a triathlete, a marathoner, and a cheerleader to everyone she comes in contact with. We’ve asked her some questions. 


When and Why Did You Join FOF? 

Coach Mark was my coach at another gym last year.  When it closed in December, he programmed for me and I would work out at CSULB or Crunch.  He was looking for a new gym and I told him when found one to let me know, because I would follow him.  He tried a few and had me check them out but nothing fit.  In August, when he started at FOF, he told me to check it out, that he thought it would work for me as well.  When I met Jenny and saw your facility, I knew I had found a home. 



What Does the Term “Athlete” Mean to You? 

Having the physical ability to do what makes you happy. 


I love skiing and I want to be able to ski into my 80’s.  I’m 58 and I want to keep improving and learning skills that I cannot do today.  I want to do the monkey bars because when I did a Tough Mudder in 2012 I wasn’t strong enough to do so. 


Most skills can be learned.  The biggest hurdle is the courage to start the process. 


If You Could Offer One Piece of Advice to a New Member, or a Person New to Fitness, What Would It Be? 

Expect that it will take time to reach your goal.  It is a cliche to say ‘it’s a marathon, not a sprint’, but it’s true.  There is both physical and mental growth along the way.  Give yourself the grace and time to see it through.  

Working with a coach will shorten the goal timeline, though.  I’ve worked out at Crossfit, with Coach Mark, and on my own.  I made more definable process in the shortest timeline with Coach Mark and Coach Jenny than I ever did at Crossfit or on my own.  We lifted at Crossfit but it wasn’t as measured or planned.  Coaching has had a larger impact in my fitness in the last year than any other element in my experience. 


What Has Been Your Best Experience with Your Journey with FOF So Far? 

That’s easy; working with Coach Jenny.  Little did I know how Jenny would impact my life in such a short period of time.  She not only believed in my goals, but put a plan into action to achieve them.  In addition, she is an amazing human.   


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