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At Fitness On Fire we help people who want more than a traditional gym to check into. We teach quality movement by using tools like kettletbells, suspension trainers, and some of the most diverse workout equipment available. you will use at least one workout tool at FOF you've never used anywhere else. We have built a huge support system and community that ignites a passion inside of people for fitness.

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"life is not about finding yourself. it's about creating yourself."



Life is better in a community. We believe that being connected in a community is a neccessary key for you to reach your goals in life and in fitness. Having private, semi-private, or team training, pushes you beyond what you thought you could've accomplished on your own.

Remember the good ol' high school days when you were surrounded by like-minded friends on a competition team? Here at FOF, we strive to bring you an environment where you can feel that again! If you want to run a 5k but don't want to do it alone, we're here for you! Whatever you want to accomplish, our community will rally up behind you.

we absolutely love what we do here! We have dedicated our lives to our clients and only offer exceptional sessions!

Who are we?


Fitness On Fire

1350 Reynolds Ave.,

suite #105,

Irvine, CA 92614

Phone. 949-502-5815