Spartan Race Training

Ready to crush your first Spartan Race? The Spartan Race training facility at Fitness on Fire is the most advanced obstacle course race (OCR) facility in Orange County, CA. Book Your First OCR Training today!


  • MONDAYS @ 7AM - OCR Conditioning
  • WEDNESDAYS @ 6PM - OCR: Spartan Training
  • SATURDAYS @ 8AM - Warrior Training (location & times vary. Check schedule for details)
  • SUNDAYS @ 8:30AM - OCR: Spartan Training

Our most popular option for OCR training is our Semi-Private Training. This training service allows us to tailor your OCR training to what you specifically need as an athlete.

5 Ways You Can Train With Us

  • OCR Group Classes: Each class will focus on a specific obstacle or two. We will warm-up, work on technique, and finish with a WOD that will give you time to practice the specific obstacles in an OCR circuit.
  • Private/Semi-Private Sessions: Work directly with a Coach on a program catered to your specific OCR needs in our private or semi-private sessions.
  • Private Group Sessions: Are you and a group of friends or co-workers training for a Spartan Race? Grab your friends and schedule a private group session to work with a coach on fundamentals and techniques before embarking on your Spartan Race.
  • Corporate Spartan Teams: Let's get something in the books with your co-workers consistently! We can work directly with your HR partners at your job to get your team's own time blocked each week to get ready for the race together. Email us for further details: [email protected] 
  • At Home OCR Online CourseLive too far to make it into FOF? Well we're bringing our Coaches to your living room. This is your one stop course for everything OCR.

Is Spartan Race Training at Fitness on Fire right for you?

Whether you’re a first-timer, seasoned athlete, goal-digger, or just want to make friends and have fun—you’re in the right place! Still not sure if this is the place for you? Ask yourself these questions...

  • Do you know you could attain your fitness goals with the right coach and a supportive community working alongside you?
  • Do you feel stuck in a rut with your current workout or lack thereof?  
  • If you’ve never run a Spartan race before, do you often wonder if you can make it through a Spartan race or any other obstacle course race?
  • If you've never run a Spartan race before, do you often wonder if you can make it through a Spartan race or any other OCR?
  • Do you feel like your excuses are holding you back? 
  • Do you ever resent work or family obligations because you feel like you have no time left for yourself? 

If you’ve done Spartan race training or any OCR training before, you know that it’s not just the physical game that counts. To succeed, you must develop a plan that trains your body and your mind. Through a mixture of coaching, community, and self-development, Fitness on Fire helps you push past your self-limiting beliefs, create a strong foundation for physical and mental growth and become the best version of yourself.

What if...

  •  You could surround yourself with a community of talented, nationally accredited coaches 100% invested in your success.
  • You finally kicked self-doubt to the curb and removed all obstacles standing between you and your goals.
  • You were part of a dope crew of like-minded people working together to become stronger, both mentally and physically. 
  • You gave yourself permission to be your own hero and do what it takes to feel happy, healthy, and confident.  

Get Ready to Have Fun!

Kick your Spartan race training into high gear with our nationally accredited coaches who meet you where you’re at in your fitness journey and help you build a strong foundation for your future goals. Get ready to have fun!



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