Fitness on Fire: Member Spotlight

Meet Suzie Payne

By, Kate Durham


Suzie is one of our fantastic members here at FOF.  She is a three-time survivor of cancer, a triathlete, a marathoner, and a cheerleader to everyone she comes in contact with. We’ve asked her some questions. 


When and Why Did You Join FOF? 

Coach Mark was my coach at another gym last year.  When it closed in December, he programmed for me and I would work out at CSULB or Crunch.  He was looking for a new gym and I told him when found one to let me know, because I would follow him.  He tried a few and had me check them out but nothing fit.  In August, when he started at FOF, he told me to check it out, that he thought it would work for me as well.  When I met Jenny and saw your facility, I knew I had found a home. 



What Does the Term “Athlete” Mean to You? 

Having the physical ability to do what makes you happy. 


I love skiing and I want to be...

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Are You Ready For An Emergency? Go Bag Essentials

The past 7 months have been some of the craziest month’s of our lives! You would think I would have learned to create a “Go Bag” by now incase of an emergency, but it really took these recent fires and Irvine evacuations for me to really open my eyes. We luckily did not have to be evacuated in our area, but if we did, we would HAVE NOT been ready at all.


What is a “Go Bag?” A “Go Bag” is a bag that is by your door or in your car that includes everything you need to survive for 3-7 days. There are plenty of resources out there to help you create an emergency pack and I’ve compiled everything we’ve learned based on these findings. REI also hosts classes (currently virtual) that teaches you these different principles as well. They have some PRETTY DOPE classes too. 10/10 would recommend!


Below is what we have in our packs. Josh and I each have a Go Bag and don’t forget about your children and fur babies!



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The Perfect Breakfast?

Written by, Coach Noah Grime


Many struggle to determine what the perfect breakfast really is. What makes it right? Does a piece of fruit make sense? Bacon and eggs? What about skipping it all together?


Many philosophies will be determined on what we are used to doing and the way it makes us feel. Some will say they eat before heading out of the door for energy and to avoid a crash, while others make lunch their first meal. Who is doing it the right way? 


My philosophy about the first meal of the day is simple. Your first meal should be healthy, taste good, and easy to make. This rules out a donut or pastry from being the ideal situation. In the morning, we generally rush around to try and get our day started. This is when “grabbing something quick” might not be the best solution. Maybe it’s time to consider skipping that sugary cereal or meal bar and go for water and a simple coffee.


Sugar and a calorie overload is the opposite of...

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Playing to Win

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2020


By, Gabriell Smith


When it comes to obstacles that you face in life, are you playing to win or playing to not lose? When I first heard that question, I laughed a little because I thought that they were the same. However, when I examined it on a deeper level, I learned that I was wrong! I discovered a red flag. I was living my life with a “playing not to lose” mindset.

What’s the difference between the two? Someone that is playing to win has their focus on doing their best. They work vigorously to achieve whatever goals they have placed in front of themselves. They come from a place of growth. They are constantly in search of ways that they can improve or better themselves. Challenges excite them. They are full of optimism, working to always find the silver lining of difficult situations. On the other hand, people that are playing to not lose have already taken themselves out of the game. They fear change. The idea of failing makes them freeze,...

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Pre Race vs. Post Race Stretching: What's the Difference?

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2020


By: Crystal Salaz 

Fitness on Fire 


Have you ever ran a race and felt like the first mile is the hardest? It feels like your legs are sluggish, breathing is short, and your stride is short from the lack of range of motion. Or after a race, once you have driven home, trying to get your legs out of the car makes you contemplate just sleeping in the driveway. Chances are your Pre Race and Post Race stretching needs a little work. Now, I will admit that some muscle soreness is unavoidable depending on your fitness level, but understanding how to prepare your body and allow it to cool down are very important, for future recovery and increased performance. 


Now, how you stretch during these times is also important. Pre race stretching is quite different from Post race stretching. Pre race is more about improving blood flow, increasing muscle tissue temperature, and helping the muscles work more efficiently. Post Race Stretching is about returning...

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6 Things You Probably Did Wrong Training For Spartan Race Chino

It's that lovely time back at home in our cozy beds, when we look back and reflect on the hell we just put ourselves through.  After the mud, dust, blood, and tears have settled, you start to ask, "Where could I have done better?"


After speaking with 50 of our athletes and a ton of other Spartan Finishers about their experience this weekend in Chino, we found out there were probably six major mistakes that people made in their preparation for this last weekend's race.  Let's work through these together. So, we can learn and progress this year. 


#1.  YOU RAN ROAD BUT NOT TRAIL! I heard this a lot on Saturday.  "I should've done more trail running."  

Spartan's terrain is typically their best obstacle.  Running trails works the feet, ankles, connective tissues, and legs in a whole different light than running on a flat predictable surface, (specifically, if you will be running on trails on race day). Take your running out to...

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Chino Spartan Race: Gear Checklist

Gear Checklist For Chino Spartan Racers

By, Haydee Graves


Why we love Chino

Chino is the first SoCal race of the year and the terrain is FLAT (for the most part). It’s typically a beautiful day which means a pleasant experience at the beer garden post race to hang out and connect with the Spartan Community. It’s also a double race weekend (Super & Sprint) and is a great way to earn your trifecta real quick.


What is a “Trifecta?!”

Most people want to complete their “Trifecta” which means that you have completed all three races (Sprint, Super, and Beast) in one calendar year; not necessarily in that order. 

Below you will find a Gear Checklist to help you prepare for your race. We’ve also included a link to our Amazon Store where you can find ALL of these items and the brands we recommend straight from Amazon. Click the “Spartan Gear Checklist.”



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Why Assessing Your Body Before a Workout is Crucial

Why Assessing Your Body Before a Workout is Crucial
Written by Coach Vanesa Suazo
You’ve probably heard the saying “Work on your strengths, not you weaknesses.” And that can be very helpful in your career and when working in projects that you excel at.
However, that saying does not ring true for the muscles in our bodies.
If we only keep strengthening muscles that are already strong and disregard our weak muscles and bad movement patterns, we would put ourselves in a really bad position.

The way our bodies were designed to move is incredible and the way our bones connect to form joints and our muscles work together to move our joints in unique and specific ways is fascinating.


 The daily movement activities that we participate in and take for granted are carried out through specific movement patterns that involve multiple muscles working to move multiple joints at the same time or in succession.


 It really is beautiful...

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