5 Tips to Help Performance: Spartan Beast

5 Tips to Help Performance: Spartan Beast

Written by, Coach Noah Grime



“It’s been a while, old friend! We missed you...until that first hill!” – All Spartan Big Bear FinishersThis year was my 3rd attempt at Big Bear. Each year is a great reminder about what hard work and grit can do, and what the human body is capable of.Big Bear is generally a 13-mile mountain race, with a variety of obstacles in your path. This year held true to mileage, with 30+ obstacles and 5k feet of vertical gain. Once you take on the Big Bear challenge, you will never forget this race on Snow Summit mountain. This “Soul Crusher” of a race is one of the most popular for its unforgiving terrain, many long climbs, steep descents, and ruthless sandbag carries.How does someone prepare for a race like this? Here are my thoughts:A great athlete once said - “I don’t run away from a challenge because I am afraid. Instead, I run towards it because the only...

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