Why Assessing Your Body Before a Workout is Crucial

Why Assessing Your Body Before a Workout is Crucial
Written by Coach Vanesa Suazo
You’ve probably heard the saying “Work on your strengths, not you weaknesses.” And that can be very helpful in your career and when working in projects that you excel at.
However, that saying does not ring true for the muscles in our bodies.
If we only keep strengthening muscles that are already strong and disregard our weak muscles and bad movement patterns, we would put ourselves in a really bad position.

The way our bodies were designed to move is incredible and the way our bones connect to form joints and our muscles work together to move our joints in unique and specific ways is fascinating.


 The daily movement activities that we participate in and take for granted are carried out through specific movement patterns that involve multiple muscles working to move multiple joints at the same time or in succession.


 It really is beautiful...

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