Spartan Race Checklist: Obstacle Race Day Gear List

Spartan Race Checklist: Obstacle Race Day Gear List

By, Haydee Graves

The Spartan Race is one of the world’s leading obstacle course races. The races are designed to test endurance, mental toughness, and physical strength. So if you want to push yourself mentally and physically, the Spartan Race is where it’s at.

We created the Spartan Race Checklist to help you prepare for your upcoming race. Whether you’re new to obstacle course race training or a seasoned Spartan, one of the best ways to knock race day out of the park is to arrive feeling confident and ready to tackle the course. With this essential list, you’ll know you’ve got everything you need to rock it!

To make preparation even easier for you, we’ve created a Fitness On Fire Amazon store with most of the items we recommend. We don’t talk brands in this checklist because we want to keep it simple and we know everyone has favorites. If you’re looking for some of the brands we...

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