Why I Became a Coach

Why I became a Coach

Written by, Coach Dani Zarate


My desire to be a coach was not something that happened over night, but instead it was an idea that was brewing inside of me for years.


It all began at age 12, when I started my first fad diet to lose weight. At such a young age, I was constantly reminded that I was “chunky” or “not skinny” or even worse “fat”, which led me to diet with my mom for years. Finally at age 14, I was introduced to exercise and running, but instead of viewing these activities as fun they simply became another weight loss source for me. I feared going to big box gyms like 24 Hour Fitness, since I did not know how to workout on my own or use the machines, so instead I found a small boutique gym that provided HITT group classes. Before I knew it I became obsessed with the classes and found myself attending 5 to 6 times a week, but my idea of working out had not changed, it was still just another way to lose...

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