How Sports Continue to Save My Life

How Sports Continue to Save My Life

Written by Coach Angel Zaragoza


As the world around us continuously diversifies, so do our stories and backgrounds. Some grew up around people who pushed them to be the best version of themselves, others were not so lucky. Some of us grew up surrounded by people and things that were not very uplifting, but destructive in nature; such as gangs, drugs, alcohol, etc. As a kid, I learned from a very young age that one’s own actions can either make you or break you. This was the moment when I decided that sports would be my savior.

Since I could remember, I was always a playful and physically active child. Playing Freeze-Tag and Street-Ball with some of the kids around my neighborhood led to my love of the sport Football. Entering the scary and exciting new world of middle school, the opportunity to play for the school's small flag football team presented itself to me. This was the kickstart to my salvation. While some middle school...

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Making the Best Nutrition Choices for Your Body (An Opinion Piece) by Kaelie Marquez

Nutrition. Perhaps one of the most foundational pieces within a person’s fitness journey. Some say that abs are made in the kitchen, but truthfully I wish it were that simple. 

When it comes to making the best choices, obviously it is apparent that you should eat your fruits and dark leafy greens and choose healthy, lean proteins to pair with your complex carbohydrates. But what happens when the cycle of these habits turns to be a bit toxic? Establishing a schedule and a habit of eating healthfully on the daily is not what becomes the problem, but when it becomes an obsession, this might be where one needs to step back and reevaluate your overall life satisfaction. 

For years, I succumbed to frugelant eating behaviors and falling into endless cycles of dieting. The desire to be so lean ultimately impaired my overall muscle mass, appearance, and overwhelmed me in my day-to-day living. The truth is, however, that many male and female athletes in their lifetime will...

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