Why I Became a Coach

Why I became a Coach

Written by, Coach Dani Zarate


My desire to be a coach was not something that happened over night, but instead it was an idea that was brewing inside of me for years.


It all began at age 12, when I started my first fad diet to lose weight. At such a young age, I was constantly reminded that I was “chunky” or “not skinny” or even worse “fat”, which led me to diet with my mom for years. Finally at age 14, I was introduced to exercise and running, but instead of viewing these activities as fun they simply became another weight loss source for me. I feared going to big box gyms like 24 Hour Fitness, since I did not know how to workout on my own or use the machines, so instead I found a small boutique gym that provided HITT group classes. Before I knew it I became obsessed with the classes and found myself attending 5 to 6 times a week, but my idea of working out had not changed, it was still just another way to lose...

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Fitness on Fire: Member Spotlight

Meet Suzie Payne

By, Kate Durham


Suzie is one of our fantastic members here at FOF.  She is a three-time survivor of cancer, a triathlete, a marathoner, and a cheerleader to everyone she comes in contact with. We’ve asked her some questions. 


When and Why Did You Join FOF? 

Coach Mark was my coach at another gym last year.  When it closed in December, he programmed for me and I would work out at CSULB or Crunch.  He was looking for a new gym and I told him when found one to let me know, because I would follow him.  He tried a few and had me check them out but nothing fit.  In August, when he started at FOF, he told me to check it out, that he thought it would work for me as well.  When I met Jenny and saw your facility, I knew I had found a home. 



What Does the Term “Athlete” Mean to You? 

Having the physical ability to do what makes you happy. 


I love skiing and I want to be...

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