The Power of Sleep

Written by, Coach Vanessa Panella


How much sleep do I need?

About 7-8 hours. No this isn’t a myth. This is true, and has been proven to be true over and over and over...well you get the idea. And teenagers are actually hard wired to need more sleep and fall asleep later in the night. They typically need anywhere from 9-10 hours of sleep, and their hormone cycle has set them up to not release melatonin until later in the night than adults.

What’s so Great About Sleep?

Sleep has 3 main cognitive benefits:

Improved Memory

Getting the recommended hours of sleep has shown to improve basically everything that has to do with the brain. You probably think of memory as remembering important dates and events or simply remembering to grab your keys when you head out the door. All of those things are true. So, can getting enough sleep help someone who can never remember where they put their phone down last...Yes.

Sleep is essentially the “save” button on all our...

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Live Your Healthiest Life With These Two Habits


Live Your Healthiest Life With These Two Habits

Written by, Coach Chris Wessels



How was your sleep last night?

You might be thinking to yourself “Coach Chris, I know sleep is important to my health, what else do I need to know”? You are absolutely right, and I am going to break down the best ways to improve your quality of sleep in order for you to feel more restful and energized while supporting your gains (Greater Quality of Sleep = More Muscle Growth and Recovery). Over the course of our lives we have different sleeping patterns; in the earlier years we are told when to go to our BODIES. How many times do you see a baby or small child sleeping in public? I am sure we have all wanted to fall asleep in our adult years though the circumstance does not always permit us to do so. Our bodies work so hard to keep us functioning throughout the day...even more so when you are crushing a workout… so we MUST thank our bodies and minds by...

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