6 Things You Probably Did Wrong Training For Spartan Race Chino

It's that lovely time back at home in our cozy beds, when we look back and reflect on the hell we just put ourselves through.  After the mud, dust, blood, and tears have settled, you start to ask, "Where could I have done better?"


After speaking with 50 of our athletes and a ton of other Spartan Finishers about their experience this weekend in Chino, we found out there were probably six major mistakes that people made in their preparation for this last weekend's race.  Let's work through these together. So, we can learn and progress this year. 


#1.  YOU RAN ROAD BUT NOT TRAIL! I heard this a lot on Saturday.  "I should've done more trail running."  

Spartan's terrain is typically their best obstacle.  Running trails works the feet, ankles, connective tissues, and legs in a whole different light than running on a flat predictable surface, (specifically, if you will be running on trails on race day). Take your running out to...

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