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Jacob: This is My Story

anw fitness fitness on fire health nutrition obstacles overcome Dec 29, 2021

Jacob: This is My Story

Written by, Jacob Eliot
Hi my name is Jacob Eliot, life has dealt me some twists and turns and some blows like everyone else. There has been a big turning point in my life that lead me to my fitness journey, and self discovery. I hope my blog can inspire everyone to really take your life in your hands and overcome obstacles and achieve your goals no matter how long it takes. To start off, I like to think I am like everyone else, and I want to be treated like everyone else. I never knew how different I was until maybe Jr High. When I was 5 I was diagnosed with being on the mild end of the Autism Spectrum. I never viewed myself as disabled and never will, because I feel like the term is loosely handed to. 
It is funny because I couldn't talk until I was 4 1/2, and now I do not shut up for a little fun fact lol. That was one of my dad's jokes about me. P.S I miss you so much dad! I have my challenges growing up with Autism especially with fear of not being able to hold conversations with people still do at times actually, but learned some people I just do not click with and it has nothing to do with my Autism, but this blog is not too much of my Autism journey, but mostly about my journey into health and fitness. I think My Autism made my journey all the more impressive, because I used to be 370 lbs. when I was 19 and Pre Diabetic. 
When I was 18 my dad tragically but expectedly passed away from complications to diabetes and a ruptured ulcer in his lower intestine. The diabetes prevented surgeries to seal the hole and keep it from staying closed. He even almost died on the operating table once on one of the 3 attempts. I want to share this story whether or not you believe me is totally up to you. The day my dad died he was in a senior living center, my family and I minus my mom and my dad's brother were in the waiting room, as they were with my dad. While I was in the waiting area my mom came by said that she was going to buy clothes at Sears, and plan to stay the night and left with her sister. After my Mom and Aunt left I felt a pull to see my dad, and when I went to see him. I walked up to his bed and I knew it was going to be any minute. I can never seem to not cry when I share this when typing it. I sat down in a chair and not even 5 minutes later as I was had my head down I had a vision, and I saw my dad up in the clouds meeting up with my grandparents (His parents) The vision faded and I looked up and he was gone. I am 27 now and it is coming up 9 years. Every year on the day is rough. I truly believe my dad wanted my with him and my mom out lol. I think he thought it would be too hard on her if she was there with him, or didn't want to put her through the trauma.
Losing my dad to his health issues finally inspired me and motivated me enough to lose weight and live healthier. My dad's eating habits were out of control, and he was always in pain with pancreatitis and he was also addicted to Morphine and Vicodin. It was very rough on me as a teenager, and I knew I couldn't live my life like my dad. I knew I needed to change. It took me a year and a half after my dad died is when I snapped at a fast food joint. I was eating a breakfast sandwich and I just stared at it and I kept thinking of my dad, and then I snapped like a light switch, and it was time to change no turning back.
I did not jump off the cliff and drastically change my diet overnight, I took my time. At first I just cut back how much I ate and walked a bit more. After A few months I cut out fast food mostly cold turkey, but that was the only thing I completely cut out. 1 month later I started weaning myself off soda slowly. I went from a Large/XL With refills to a medium, to not even realizing I have not had a sip of soda, It sort of just happened. It took me about 9 months maybe. As soon as I started cutting out soda I got my blood sugar tested at my Dr's and my blood sugar showed that I was no longer Pre Diabetic. Which is funny because I was Pre Diabetic for about 5 years, and it went away in a few months. Eventually I started training myself to like vegetables and believe me it was not an easy process but I knew I needed to for my health and for my life. started exercising more and going to the gym and started Tae Kwon Do.
I had bumps in the roads for sure, after a couple of years I started focusing too much on not ending up like my dad I kind of became like him but on the other side of the spectrum. I ate too little for a 6 foot 2 1/2 inch body, I had extreme anxiety to the point I was always catching colds and, even caught bronchitis. I was having stomach aches and headaches frequently. I even gotten food sensitivities because of my anxiety. My old Tae Kwon Do instructor started commenting that I looked sick and to my response I felt fine, but in reality my body was taking a toll because of my Anxiety. I was so mad at my dad for leaving us behind and not taking care of his health. I felt robbed of some time with him, that still today I wish I had. Even though I am crying while I type this I really want to show how much I stressed out and how much I missed and wanted my dad, to this day I want my dad, but in reality it just isn't going to happen. I am going to have to settle with having him in spirit. 
I was so afraid of eating too much and dying like him that I tried to stay so far away from him in that aspect but obviously didn't do a good job. After I finally realized that I was just like my dad, it was time to change again but for the better. I started slowly increasing my diet because I knew it was all mental, and I learned how to manage my anxiety better. It has been 5 years since then, and even though I still have anxiety, but it is so much better and I no longer get sick so often anymore. Life is too short and I need to make the most of it.. Remember I have Autism, and if I could do this so can you! It is just excuses you have to have it bad enough.
Today I am 27, and I want to be on American Ninja Warrior and maybe even The Titan Games. For 2021/2022 I want to get my first Spartan Trifecta, and just completed my very first Spartan Beast pushing through a minor twisted ankle, but incredibly thankful I was able to continue the race. I like to joke that the course was like uh-oh this guy is too much we need to try to get rid of him. Well you failed Lebec! 
I hope this was able to inspire you to take action if you have been struggling. I hope to become a trainer at some point and help you all live healthier lives. Here is to a healthy 2022!



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